Ruby Rose Recipient 2019: Theresa Collishaw

Theresa Collishaw, who’s worked at Spectrum Services since 2001, is an Assistant Teacher for our Purple Class in Kingston, working with children ages 8 to 11. Theresa is also this year’s recipient of the Ruby Rose Award of Excellence. This coveted annual award is peer-driven, with staff members nominating a coworker who embodies the values of Spectrum Services in professionalism and commitment to our students.

Words and terms our staff use to describe Theresa include “hard working,” “approachable,” and “dedicated.” Theresa is an outstanding Assistant Teacher, who shows interest and involvement in the students she teaches.

“Theresa is calm and very positive with students,” says Spectrum Services Family Service Coordinator Melissa Signore, “even when challenging behaviors arise.” Signore explains, “this ability allows her to de-escalate problematic behaviors and redirect students to the task at hand.” Theresa’s handling of these situations optimizes learning opportunities for the students, while supporting a calm learning environment for the entire class. Theresa helps construct positive learning conditions, so students get the most
out of each day.

Theresa is genuinely a compassionate and caring person. Her emotional investment in her job positively impacts the students in her classroom, as well as the other staff with whom she works. Theresa is extremely conscientious, going above and beyond her duties for the benefit of her team members and students.

We congratulate Theresa on this well-deserved recognition, and we, along with our students, are lucky she’s a member of our Spectrum Services family.