Ruby Rose Award Recipient: Anthony Alvarez

We are delighted to announce that the 2020 recipient of the coveted Ruby Rose Award is Anthony Alvarez, who was supposed to be honored at our now-cancelled Pour & Tour Dinner last month. Further, when the award was announced at our staff meeting in early March, Tony was out with the flu. Please join us in congratulating Tony in the comments below.

Anthony, who’s worked at Spectrum Services since 2009, is a Teacher Aide for our Yellow Class in Kingston, working with children ages 5 to 8. Anthony is this year’s recipient of the Ruby Rose Award of Excellence, a peer-driven award given to a staff member who embodies the values of Spectrum Services in professionalism and commitment to our students and their families.

Anthony works so well with his students that many of them who’ve aged out of his class reach out to him in the hallways with hugs and hellos. Anthony not only touches the lives of our students, but their parents, as well. “Time and time again, I’ve seen Anthony set a parent’s mind at ease by watching him interact with their child,” affirms his supervisor, Yellow Class Special Educator Carol Hikade.

Anthony can usually be found staffing our Parents Night Out program, which gives caretakers a chance to have an evening out by providing free child care to our students and their siblings.

He contributes to building a respectful and positive school environment, is known for his great sense of humor, and is always happy, upbeat, and positive.

“He has a natural love of what he does,” says Classroom Coordinator Mar y Alice Millham, “and the students sense this, and respond positively to it.”

“It’s true,” agrees Hikade, “when you see Anthony work with his students, you can tell he truly loves his job.”