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In honor of Center for Spectrum Services’ founding in 1976 by Susan Buckler and Jamey Wolff, and in celebration of the organization’s 45th Anniversary, its Board of Directors, through a unanimous resolution, created the Spectrum Services Founders Fund in their honor.

Donors to the fund are investing in the expansion of programs and services, and innovative new curriculum provided to the students attending Spectrum Services. The Founders Fund will be used to help offset emerging expenses that exceed the reach of State funding associated with providing educational and therapeutic services, and beyond the scope of traditional programs and services for our students on the autism spectrum.

Donations to the Founders Fund will be used for such areas as supporting a more robust music and arts program, in which outside experts can be invited to provide. It could also be used to enhance our sensory program, which might include the introduction of therapeutic support animals. In addition to sensory needs of many of our students, it would also provide the opportunity to further develop life and vocational skills.

In addition, the Founders Fund will support our dedicated staff as they endeavor to increase their professional skills within a solid, educational community, as we strive to develop the next generation of leaders at Spectrum Services.

In order to deliver our students the exemplary educational programming and therapies they deserve, the Founders Fund will further support and secure these services now, and into the future.

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