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Parent Resources

Covid Information

Learn about a typical school day, what items to send to school with your child, our medical policies and services for your child.

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Check out our school calendar, learn about upcoming workshops and support groups, learn more about our fantastic fundraising events.

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Parent Groups & Workshops

We believe that parents must be partners in their child’s educational program. For this reason we offer Parent Support Groups and Workshops.

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Professional Training

We train the professionals. Learn more about professional training opportunities and working with students with autism.

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Parent Stories

“I knew Center for Spectrum Services was a magical place when Abbie was about to age out of Early Intervention…”

“Thank you each and every one of you that have helped make Zach the great kids he is. Words can’t describe…”

“Last October, my then 4-year old son called me ‘Mommy’ for the first time…”

Student Stories

Becoming Bristol

Bristol’s grandparents, who are raising her, would not be able take her out of the house unless they carried her. She would refuse to walk on her own…

Saya’s Story

Saya’s severe apraxia made it difficult for her to communicate. Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that causes her great problems…

Carmine’s Parents

When Carmine was diagnosed with autism, his parents, Andy and Laura, immediately set out to find the best possible care and treatment available…

Cayden’s Journey

When Cayden was two years old, the world around him was big and very frightening. New faces and places were major challenges for him…

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Chimes For Autism

Tyler has a passion for Woodstock Chimes. He can identify over 100 Chimes by name simply by hearing their sound. We are extremely proud of this video, and hope you will take a few minutes to watch and share Tyler’s story!

The Asperger’s Difference

The Asperger’s Difference is an educational documentary designed to support high-functioning young people with this Autism Spectrum Disorder as they begin the complicated transition into adolescence and adulthood.