Cayden’s Journey

When Cayden was two years old, the world around him was big and very frightening. New faces and places were major challenges for him He preferred to stick close to those people he loved, and in the known spaces that made him feel safe.

Our Early Intervention professionals were called in. One of our special educators began working with Cayden at his home, gained his trust, and slowly Cayden’s world began to expand. When Cayden was three, he began preschool in a center- based classroom at Spectrum Services. Although he had taken the great leap to be outside of home, he still refused to interact or play with others, and rarely moved out of the corner of the classroom that was his safe haven. Transitions were very difficult for him.

Over time, new teachers were gradually added to his safe space, and playmates slowly introduced. His teachers worked to expand Cayden’s perimeter of safety by a few inches on a daily basis. After a number of weeks, those inches became feet, then yards, and then the whole classroom. Cayden’s comfort level increased markedly, and transitions became less difficult.

Today, Cayden’s horizons have expanded to envelope the whole school, and he regularly interacts with new people, places, and things as he traverses his new, ever-broadening world.