Parent Trainings and Workshops

At Spectrum Services we believe that parents must be partners in their child’s educational program. For this reason we offer Parent Support and Parent Workshops free for any parent of a child with a developmental disability. Funding is provided through grants from the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.

Parent Open Discussion Group – Tuesday, June 15th – 6:30- 8:00
Join us for an open discussion group with other parents. The agenda is based on what parents want to discuss. Share stories, learn about resources and strategies that other parents have used, give and receive support. This group is for you!

Teaching Functional Life Skills to Children with ASD – Wednesday, June 16th 5:00 –6:30
Fostering independence is an essential part of childhood development. These skills will help children with ASD to become more independent with personal care such as toileting, feeding, dressing one’s self, and caring for their environment. Thus, it is important that parents be exposed to the different ways to teach these important life skills.

Teaching Children to Ask for What They Need and Want- Thursday, June 17th 12:30- 2:00
As parents and caregivers, we often anticipate the needs of our child.  One of the first forms of communication to develop is the ability to ask for needed/desired items and actions. This session we will go through the steps showing how to teach a child to request using verbal or non-verbal forms of communication.  Join Zoom Meeting using the link below

Workshops for Parents and Primary Caregivers

These forums provide information and skill training on pertinent topics related to Autism. The groups are led by professional staff or by guest speakers. Topics may include such things as social skill and play development, intensive behavioral supports, researched based educational practices, therapeutic techniques, communication development, sensory integration strategies, and more. Topics will change based upon the interests and needs of the families. The workshops are generally free of charge to families of children with developmental disabilities, and an RSVP is needed.

Our Experts Train Staff and Parents Via Online Behavior Management Course

For the first six months of remote learning, our Clinical Team had been providing a course of study for our staff via online PowerPoint trainings. Knowing how important this information can be to our parents and families (many of whom are well-versed in ASD theories and best practices), we’re opening these trainings up so parents can continue their education as well.

These trainings are produced by Leah Siuta and Tiffany Francese-Sears, with narration from one of our Clinical Staff embedded in the PowerPoint. We will be providing these using an online version, so you do not have to have PowerPoint installed on your PC or laptop to view them. Click Here for the Behavioral Management Course.

The Parent’s Support/Discussion Group

This group offers an opportunity for parents to discuss issues related to their child’s unique disability facilitated by a clinically trained group leader. Topics are determined through group consensus and may include such things as behavior management, dealing with family stressors, medical and alternative therapeutic interventions, educational strategies, therapeutic interventions, community involvement, social supports, etc. We also discuss community resources, current research and literature.

The Sibling Group

The Sibling Group is offered during the same time as the Parent’s Group (see above), and is offered to the brothers and sisters of children with ASD who are between the ages of 6 and 14. This is an opportunity for the siblings to interact with other siblings who may be experiencing similar feelings and concerns. The group includes various fun activities (games, cooking, discussion, art, etc.) and is designed to help children learn many new ways of playing and interacting with their sibling in a fun and supportive manner.

Our Spring and Fall Workshops

These series of workshops, offered twice a year, provide parents and caretakers a more academic look at the multi-faceted issues surrounding autism. This is why these workshops are also offered to professional and paraprofessional educators in the area who wish to better understand their own students with autism. Topics have included current trends in Autism diagnosis and treatment, understanding Applied Behavior Analysis and its use with children on the spectrum, playtime strategies for children with limited language, skills, and interests, and addressing challenging behaviors. The workshops are offered free to parents and caregivers, and a nominal fee is charged for professionals.

Unless otherwise noted, groups are free of charge for families of a child with a developmental disability.