The Asperger’s Difference

The Asperger’s Difference – Now only $24.99!

The Asperger’s Difference is an educational documentary designed to support high-functioning young people with this Autism Spectrum Disorder as they begin the complicated emotional and physical transition into adolescence and adulthood. To make the DVD more available, we’ve cut its price in half to $24.99! Order your copy here or scroll down for more purchasing options.

Though intended to guide this target audience as they confront the heightened loneliness and other challenges that can come with their diagnosis in middle, high school and college settings, The Asperger’s Difference has more to offer. As an educational tool, it is perfect for educators, families of those affected by Asperger’s, and others interested in learning more about Asperger’s, and the importance of understanding those with Asperger’s.

The Asperger’s Difference stars three articulate young people with Asperger’s as they navigate the waters of their daily life and describe their experiences. Annie, a middle school student, Noah, a high school student, and Jeffrey, a college student, represent a range of ages and circumstances, but share many of the common challenges and strengths of individuals living with AS.

The film is presented as a series of visual chapters, and also comes with a Discussion and Resource Guide, making it the perfect educational tool for individuals or groups.

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