Staffing and Related Services

A Transdisciplinary Team

Center for Spectrum Services is staffed by many disciplines working as a transdisciplinary team. We recognize that the complex needs of our students require competence, creativity and commitment from the professionals who serve them. Staff members are appropriately certified or licensed by the New York State Board of Regents.

Special Educators
Teach our students with the support of trained assistants in highly staffed classrooms customized to meet each student’s needs.

Occupational and Physical Therapists
Offer evaluations and individual and group treatments for the remediation of fine and gross motor coordination delays, as well as sensory processing and oral motor deficits. Instruction also addresses life skill and prevocational training. The need for and use of adaptive equipment is monitored.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Provide individual and group therapy as well as classroom consultation and training. Individualized communication programs include the evaluation and treatment of receptive and expressive communication skills, including verbal skills, augmentative communication and social skills.

Contribute to program planning, design behavioral interventions and suggestions for home-based programs, evaluate student functioning in cognitive and emotional areas, and offer counseling services with other Spectrum Services professionals.

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers
Build teamwork while improving coordination, group problem solving, and motor skills in center-based and community settings.

School Nurses
Monitor and administer prescribed treatments, consult on health issues and network with the medical community.

Family Service Coordinators
Are the liaisons between family, school, service providers and the community, offer counseling to students, and run parent support and education groups.

Music Therapists
Are credentialed specialists with the American Music Therapy Association. Music Therapy is clinically proven to have a positive impact on children with autism.