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We cannot thank you enough for the kindness, love and joy that you have brought all of us and especially Sean.Juan and Esther
Parents of Sean


Center for Spectrum Services

Long before autism became a commonly understood disability, the Center for Spectrum Services (formerly The Children's Annex) focused on the treatment of this puzzling disorder.  With a history of excellence serving people all across the autism spectrum, the dedicated and talented staff of the Center for Spectrum Services believe that each person we work with has the ability to grow, learn and achieve, and with each day another life is brightened.

Watch this 4-minute video to see what we do, every day

Artist and Inventor, Ward Fleming installs Pinscreen at Spectrum Services

Local artist, Ward Fleming, invented the Pinscreen, a handheld 3-D image making device for taking impressions of everyday objects while attending the Art Institute of San Francisco in 1976. Initially developed as a hands-on science exhibit for the Exploratorium, the Pinscreen became a popular toy with an estimated 20 million handheld Pinscreens in circulation today.

Fleming is now producing hand-crafted, custom-made Pinscreens using luminescent plastic pins – light enough to allow panels of unprecedented scale. Large versions of Mr. Flemings Pinscreens are in science museums around the world. His new version of the Pinscreen allows impressions to be made and erased from both sides of the panel.

Delighting the visual, tactile and auditory senses, playing with pinscreens has become a favorite activity of many children with autism.  For this reason, Ward has generously installed a beautiful museum quality screen as a loan to Center for Spectrum Services.

Both students and staff alike are delighting in experimenting with the creation of beautiful luminescent impressions.

WAMC Public Radio interview with Jamey Wolff & Gary Kvistad

Center for Spectrum Co-Founder / Program Director, Jamey Wolff,  recently joined Garry Kvistad, Grammy Award winning musician and owner of Woodstock Percussion, on WAMC’s radio Morning Show. Click here to enjoy their on air discussion about the charitable Woodstock Chimes for Autism initiative, the story behind the beautiful chimes that are helping to raise much needed funding for autism research and Center for Spectrum Services’ programs, and the special talents young Tyler has as a result of his Autism Spectrum Disorder that inspired Garry in his design and vision for the Chimes for Autism. See Tyler’s story and/or order your Chimes for Autism by clicking in the box to the left, here on our home page.

2014 Ruby Rose Award Winner

Kim DeNitto, Occupational Therapy Assistant Extraordinaire, wins Award of Excellence.

Established in 2005 by Spectrum Services parents Bernardo and Barbara Mongil, the annual Ruby Rose Award is a way for our staff to recognize their coworkers for exceptional job performance. Named for the Mongils’ daughter, the Ruby Rose Award is a special honor. Each year, staff nominates colleagues who have shown unusual skill and commitment.  The award winner is also selected by a committee of Spectrum staff. In addition to this recognition by colleagues and a plaque at school, winners also receive a monetary gift.

This year’s Ruby Rose recipient was Occupational Therapy Assistant, Kim DeNitto. Kim has been working at Spectrum Services since July 2008.  She originally began her work with us as a college intern from the OTA program at Maria College.  At the end of her impressive internship, she was offered a full time position. Her supervisor Laurie Hopkins, head of our Occupational Therapy Department says of Kim “It has been an amazing process to collaborate with Kim. The sparks of joy that Kim brings to her ‘labors of love’ at the Center for Spectrum Services, are felt by all whom she encounters.”


Posted 04/29/2014

We are proud to announce that we are approved by the New York State Education Department to offer required training in the NYS Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) for professionals applying for certificates or licensure, including, but not limited to classroom teachers and assistants, school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, school administrators or supervisors, and superintendents of schools.  The DASA is NY legislation developed to afford all students in public schools an environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.  This training is designed to enhance understanding of diversity and multi-cultural environments and examine personal biases. 

Presented by Adriane Maier, Ph.D. BCBA-D, LMHC, this training will teach participants about bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and discrimination as well as indicators, early warning signs, prevention and reporting procedures. Group activities and supporting video will be utilized to sensitize participants to the experiences of specific populations and emphasize how school climate and culture have an impact on student achievement and behavior.