Rebekah Aronson

In Loving Memory

June 18th, 2019 – It is with deepest sadness, we announce the passing of Rebekah Aronson, a shining member of our Spectrum Service family.

For two and a half years, Rebekah’s daughter Julia has been a student at Spectrum Services, and coming to us from the Red Hook School District. Rebekah and her husband Adam have been active members in both Spectrum Services parenting programs and fundraising activities. Rebekah was a chair on our busy auction committee, and her obvious passion and support of the school led her to be asked to serve on our Board of Trustees in September 2017.

Rebekah was a burst of sunlight. Her laughter and good nature made everyone around her comfortable. Loving, supportive, and open-hearted, Rebekah was an excellent communicator and an amazing mother, wife, and daughter. We join her family in mourning this shared loss. However, we are grateful that we had the rare opportunity to have such a remarkable person in our lives, and in whose life we can joyously celebrate.