Brian Sawchuk

Facilities Manager

Brian has decades of knowledge under his work belt in terms of property and facilities maintenance management. He previously worked for IBM in Kingston, as well as an extended period as head technician at Logan International Airport in Boston. Brian brought considerable knowledge in technical building maintenance when, in 2003, he joined our leadership team.

At Spectrum Services, Brian plays an important role in overseeing the safety and maintenance of both the Kingston and Ellenville properties, ensuring they’re in compliance with all applicable state and local municipal regulations. Brian is also responsible for recommending, scheduling, and coordinating capital improvements to both properties as needed to ensure a safe, functional, and appealing space for our staff and students.

Brian’s rolls include overseeing security, fire prevention and other safety systems, while scheduling regular building maintenance and janitorial services. He’s also in charge of hiring temporary maintenance employees, as well signing on contractors as needed to maintain, repair, or improve Spectrum Services properties.

Brian maintains a number of professional certificates in Facilities Management, and is OSHA certified. With three years of professional training in electrical engineering and two years in plumbing and heating, not to mention skills at being a machinist, Brian has an extensive grasp of the necessary requirements of keeping our properties running smoothly.

Brian believes that for our staff to be able to work their miracles, and for our students to get the most out of their specialized program, a clean, safe, controlled, and well-functioning environment is essential, and he’s delighted to make that happen.