Transportation FAQ

If my home district is not offering in person learning, will transportation still be provided?
Yes, transportation should still be provided. However, we suggest you contact your district’s transportation coordinator to make sure they know this.

Will our home districts be providing transportation as they were prior to school closing in March?
Buses will need to provide distancing, so there will be fewer children on each bus. This may mean that the route will be different, and the pickup and drop off times might also be change. Some transportation providers may also have changed.

Are we to assume the bus company is the same one we had in March?
Each school district contracts with their own transportation companies. You need to contact your district’s transportation coordinator to find out.

When dropping off or picking up children, should we come into the building?
Visitors will not be permitted into the building. Parents must wait in the car. We will have staff come meet your child.

Will parents drop off before or after school buses?
Parents will come after school buses.