Remote Learning Guidelines for Our Parents

Remote Learning Guidelines for our Parents
Consider these tips to best prepare you and your child for remote learning:

  • Be kind to yourself-You are a parent first, not an educator. First priority is to be there for you family.
  • Is your child confused about why there is no school.  Look at some of the online social stories and videos to teach about the COVID 19 and safe hand-washing: Click Here.
  • Create a routine and daily schedule that will support your child’s success while learning from home that fits into you family routine.  We can help you create visuals that can be used to reinforce the schedule and help with transitions.
  • Select a learning space for your child that is quiet and free from distractions.
  • Whenever possible, turn household projects into learning activities (i.e. setting table, folding laundry) Make a list of activities your family members can do with your child to reinforce their learning. (i.e. Counting silverware, matching socks, etc.).
  • Search for the “silver linings.” Our students will have a better opportunity to transfer their learning to the “real world” and can share their abilities with their families in new important ways.

Don’t hesitate to give us honest feedback. Let us know what is working and not working for your family.  Your comments will help us adjust our learning strategies to better fit your home environment.

Thank you for working with us. We are all in this together!

Your Spectrum Services Education Team