Dan Uttendorfer R.N.

School Nurse

Dan first started at Spectrum Services in our classrooms in 1984 as a Teaching Assistant. After a number of years at that, Dan decided to get his nursing degree, joining a number of his siblings in that profession, and receiving his degree in 1994. Afterwards, Dan spent several years honing his nursing skills at various healthcare agencies, hospitals, and clinics. When the position for School Nurse opened at the Kingston School in 2003, Dan applied, and was once again back at Spectrum Services in a whole new capacity.

Since then, Dan has been an asset to the school, taking care of our students (and sometimes staff), who get hurt or become ill. He also oversees training staff on OSHA, providing other health-related seminars/information, and giving guidance to others on the Leadership Team.

With the onset of Covid-19, Dan was appointed our Covid Response Coordinator, and has been our key representative with state and municipal Departments of Health, while giving insight, guidance, and leadership to our Covid Response Team.