Help our kids beat the heat!

Help our kids beat the heat!
Most of our students attend school 12 months a year! Our 6 week summer program is not camp, but a continuation of our school year. It keeps our students on the autism spectrum from losing the skills they acquired during the 10-month program.

There may be fewer trips to the neighborhood pool or park because they’re in school, but that doesn’t mean our students cannot have a little summer fun in their school day. That’s why we’re building a Water Spray Park!

Help enrich the summer for a child with autism at Spectrum Services!
We are fundraising to construct a safe, zero-depth shower of water perfect for playing under, running through, and just cooling off. We can almost hear the giggles and feel the cool spray already.

Here’s how you can help!

  • Make a donation towards our students’ Water Spray Park right now by Clicking Here!
  • Create your own Facebook fundraiser. Click Here for details.
  • Come to our upcoming Designer Handbag Bingo fundraiser. Click Here for details!

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Artist’s rendering of Spectrum Services Water Spray Park