New NY Travel Policy

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New York has changed its travel policies related to COVID-19. Basically, those who have spent more than 24 hours out of state, must show a negative COVID test taken within three days before to re-entering NY, and another negative test after four days of being in the state, before they can be taken out of quarantine.

This new policy excludes the contiguous states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Meaning, if your child has been to to any of these five states for over the 24-hour period, you do not have to do all the testing required by the new policy.

To clarify, New York has done away with the list of red zone states. The current rule is, if your child has traveled to any other state outside of the five mentioned above, when he/she returns to New York, they will have to quarantine for 14 days, OR, get out of that 14-day quarantine by:

  1. Having your child take a COVID Test within three days of re-entering NY, showing it was negative.
  2. Once back in NY, they must quarantine for 4 days.
  3. Then, they must take another COVID test on the fourth day, and again, showing it was negative.

This is a benefit to those of you who may be travelling, and depending on how long the COVID test results take to get back, considerably cuts down a two-week quarantine. To see the whole policy on the State’s website, Click Here.

Please note that the Travel Policy question on your child’s weekly Health Check-In will change to ask if your child has returned from another state where they spent longer than 24 hours? If you haven’t traveled, simply answer No. If they have traveled, please contact your Family Service Coordinator for what you need to do. See below for full text of the new question.

If you have any questions on this, or any other state, local, or school COVID policies, please check with our COVID Response Coordinator, Dan Uttendorfer.

New Question Text:
New York has recently changed its COVID travel policy. Except for Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, in the past 24 hours, has your child returned from another state where they spent longer than 24 hours?