More Fun Activities, Virtual Tours, Games, and Exploration

Just for fun activities and educational websites to pair lessons with and keep students excited at home. Tour a zoo, visit the Great Wall of China, have a virtual visit to a farm in Canada, or do an on-line jigsaw puzzle.  – The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! – Brings your student everything from live video of the National Zoo to the Smithsonian Learning Lab right to their screen…/lea…/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm – Tour Yellowstone National Park! -Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover. -This Canadian site Farm Food 360 offers 11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs. -Play games and learn all about animals…/great-wall-of-china  – This Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is beautiful and makes history come to life. – Geography and Animals – Educational games K-12 – Engaging reading games for grades 2-8 that combines strategy, engagement, and imagination. – Carmen Sandiego videos, stories, and lessons for all subject areas – Elem Math games, logic puzzles and educational resources – Online digital coloring pages – PreK – 5 games for all subjects. – Online photograph jigsaw puzzles You can set the pieces from 6-1000+  – Alaskan Wildlife cams  – This educational website hosted by the Smithsonian Museum takes a deep dive into ocean life. – Learn all about earthquakes – Guide to gardening for kids  – Space science for students – News and more for students  – Math games galore – Tons of science experiments to recommend for home. – Explore, have fun and learn science along the way.  – Allows students to type in any city, state, or country to view an archive of historical photographs and other documents. It’s a unique way to help them learn about history. – Interactive website allows your students to see the ins and outs of the U.S. government by taking a series of learning adventures with none other than Benjamin Franklin. – A large selection of fun songs to help teach preschool and kindergarten students.