Walking with Your Child

Ask the Expert
Submitted by Sandy Brownsey
Ellenville School Coordinator

"Are we having fun yet?" Do you find yourself asking that question during times when school is closed? Well, no need to spend lots of money or go very far. Pack up the kids and take them on a walk.

A walk through you town or village with your child might seem like a trivial experience to some or a gargantuan task to others. Either way, it has tremendous value and should be experienced. Start small—5-10 minutes of “successful” walking is better than 30-40 minutes of crying and carrying. It’s easier to return to the car leaving them wanting more than with a crying child and thinking to yourself, “…not doing that again."

Language and socialization opportunities are enhanced when you take a walk with your child. By holding hands and walking, you both share the same scenery and sounds. A daily walk increases appetite, allows for a good dose of Vitamin D and best of all: improves sleep habits!  Walking with you for leisure also creates a much more willing walker when it’s a necessity.