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Thanks to each one of you who have touched Casey and Alexis’ lives and our heart! We are so thankful for the solid foundation you have given them.Karen
Mother of Alexis and Casey
Tips to help Launch The School Year Successfully

Jamey Wolff, Program Director

The beginning of school can be a stressful time for many students and families. For students with autism, it may have extra challenges.  Here are suggestions that may help launch the school year successfully:

1.    Be positive and confident as possible.  Your child may react to any of your anxieties and concerns.

2.    Develop a consistent morning routine that you follow whenever possible.  Use photos or picture symbols if your child is not a reader to help transition through activities.

3.    Let us know any information that will help us know your child better and maintain safety: including medical needs, new words, signs or other communication efforts, favorite toys, activities or any other potential reinforcers, pet peeves or events that might cause discomfort.

4.    Read our homebook daily.  It is a great way to stay current with what is happening here at school.

5.    Give your family service coordinator a call.  She can answer any questions about our program.

6.    Read our handbook.  It is full of important information about all aspects of your child’s day and our program philosophy.

7.    Help your child learn the names of his teachers.  We can send you a photo of the class team and related service providers

8.    Relax, your child will be well cared for.  We look forward to a year filled with many wonderful learning opportunities.