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The employees at the Center for Spectrum Services are very special and have much to offer the children. They certainly contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere through their hard work and caring attitude towards the children, families and each other.Kristy
Center for Spectrum Services Teacher
Four-Letter Words

Submitted by Sandy Brownsey, Ellenville Coordinator

We use a variety of four-letter words on a daily basis in Ellenville. We strongly encourage our students to do the same. Usually these words start flying around at about 9:30 am.  Here are just a few of them: “walk”, “jump”, “skip”, “look” and “leaf”.  You see, at 9:30 everyday our students and staff leave the building and head out on a walk in the community.  We started doing this daily activity in October.  At first, many of our little guys (and their little legs) could only do a three to four block walk in the 30-minute time period.  Some students even needed a further modified route that encompassed only one block.

Now, our kids all walk at least .6 miles a day which means three miles a week.  These walks have proven to be far more valuable then we could have ever dreamed.  Not only has there been the fresh air and exercise factor, but the language and social opportunities have been incredible.  The incidental learning piece is that the kids have discovered that chilly weather means wear your mittens and your hat. Unfortunately, heavy rain means we don’t go…so “rain” has become the only four-letter word that nobody likes.  With winter on its way, we will be adding “cold” and “snow” to our list.  

In Ellenville, we’re fortunate to have well-kept sidewalks so our daily walks will continue.  If you want to kick it up a notch with your kids try “hike” and watch their motor and language skills explode.  No matter where you live or what you chose, the added bonus is that both a walk and a hike are “free” and we all love that four-letter word!