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Our son, Kilian, recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, has been attending social skills classes at Spectrum Services Clinic… The small group gives him a wonderful opportunity to learn and extend his abilities in dealing with others and respecting social norms in a safe environment.Julianna and Christian
Parents of Kilian
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How Pets Can Enhance Social and Emotional Development in Children and Adolescents with Autism

Submitted by Tiffany Francese-Sears, MA, LMHC,

Experts say a child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development can all be encouraged by interaction with the family pet. Having a pet helps children improve their motor skills and also increases overall activity. For children, pets can be wonderful for socializing. Children are more prone to approach and interact with another child who is playing with an animal, so a pet can be the bridge between a less socially outgoing child and other potential playmates.