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Every mother dreams about their children’s future. When they are special, the dream of being independent, graceful, happy, bright kids and also “socially adapted” is almost a fantasy. You guys made that fantasy a reality. Look at Kyle and Kayden. We will always be thankful.Linetty
Mother of Kyle and Kayden
Tips From Our Experts
From Our Experts: Dealing with Challenging Sleep Issues

Submitted by Leah Siuta, Family Service Department Head

So many parents of children with autism are looking for answers as to why their child doesn’t sleep well, and what we can do to change that. Good sleep is restorative. Without it, children are more irritable, more fatigued, less likely to learn in school, and more likely to engage in problem behaviors.

Sleep problems may include difficulty complying with bed time routines, interfering behaviors, difficulty falling and staying asleep, nightmares, and poor napping patterns. Although difficult, sleep behaviors can be positively influenced in many ways.

From Our Experts: Children’s Nutrition and Health

Ask the Expert
Submitted by Dan Uttendorfer R.N., Spectrum Services School Nurse

Proper eating habits contribute to overall healthy growth and development, including strong bones, healthy skin, and productive energy levels. It also lowers the risk of dental problems, eating disorders, constipation, malnutrition, and iron deficiency anemia.