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Our son, Kilian, recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, has been attending social skills classes at Spectrum Services Clinic… The small group gives him a wonderful opportunity to learn and extend his abilities in dealing with others and respecting social norms in a safe environment.Julianna and Christian
Parents of Kilian
Center for Spectrum Services Announces Our Ruby Rose Award Winner, 2011- 2012 School Year: Sarah Corrigan
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Commitment to the children means the world to Center for Spectrum Services Physical Therapist, Sarah Corrigan, this year’s winner of Spectrum Services’ coveted, peer-selected Ruby Rose Award.

Within her department and around the school, Sarah has won the admiration of her colleagues for her professionalism, calmness, clear-thinking, problem solving, organizational skills, and her creativity.  “Her co-workers truly think the world of her,” says Laurie Hopkins, OT/PT/Adaptive PE Department Head, and Sarah’s supervisor.

Sarah’s contributions are not limited to supporting students.  She is equally well-known around campus for her willingness to train staff and parents whenever the need arises.  Not only does she share her knowledge with our own Physical Therapy Assistants, she also helps teach the many interns who have come to the Center for Spectrum Services to learn and practice their craft as part of their formal clinical training.

Sarah’s intuitive nature allows her to provide physical therapy support to students with a seamless balance between following the child’s lead and directing therapeutic strategies, says Laurie.  “Sarah can appropriately transition between playfulness and firmness in order to achieve a child’s therapeutic goals, from our very youngest students to those who are ready to age out of our day school programs.”

Although she is well versed in all areas and skilled with all age groups, Sarah has a special spark with our Early Intervention and preschool students.

The work ethic she brings with integrity to everything that she does here at Center for Spectrum Services, and the collegial relationships she forges with her fellow professionals and staff members make Sarah a natural choice for this year’s Ruby Rose Award.

Congratulations, Sarah, and keep up the exemplary work!