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This school offers a safe, warm and educational atmosphere for my child’s learning. Each and every day I feel comfortable with the program offered here for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We, along with so many other Spectrum Services families, have benefited tremendously over the support and guidance that is shown to us daily. Melissa
Mother of Oliver
Community-based Services

The Center for Spectrum Services provides support services to young children 18 months to 4 years old with developmental delays in their homes and other community settings. Special education, speech and language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, and counseling can be provided in daycare, preschools and family homes. Collaborative efforts between general and special education professionals can assist children with special needs to successfully remain in their neighborhood settings. Teaching in the natural environment focuses on sensory and language rich activities, adaptive living skills, and social skill development, as well as building attention and pre-readiness skills.

For young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the Center for Spectrum Services can design home programs employing a verbal behavior approach following the principles of applied behavioral analysis. Each child's program is individually designed to meet their unique learning style and level of family participation. For more information, please contact (845)-336-2616 ext 120