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This school offers a safe, warm and educational atmosphere for my child’s learning. Each and every day I feel comfortable with the program offered here for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We, along with so many other Spectrum Services families, have benefited tremendously over the support and guidance that is shown to us daily. Melissa
Mother of Oliver
Educational Programs

The Center for Spectrum Services, formerly named The Children’s Annex, includes  a New York State approved, not-for-profit day school program serving toddlers, preschool, and elementary aged students classified either as a preschooler with a disability or when school age as autistic or multiply disabled. Serving the entire autism spectrum, our students exhibit a wide range of intellectual ability and need. Eligible children from 11 counties and more than 50 school districts in the Mid-Hudson Valley may either attend our self-contained schools in Kingston and Ellenville, New York or community-based programs.

The Center for Spectrum Services has a history of excellence and has served as a model special education program since its inception in 1976. Spectrum Services  was one of the first programs in New York State to specialize in serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The Center for  Spectrum Services has been host to hundreds of visitors, and has sponsored conferences,  trainings,  and seminars for parents and professionals. The expertise of Spectrum Services facility is highly respected.  Our experienced staff have presented extensively and consulted nationally on best practices in serving people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.