Autism Awareness Month Facebook Fundraiser

Help Raise Funds for Children with Autism by Becoming an Autism Awareness Fundraiser on Facebook! You can help raise needed funding for Spectrum Services' life-changing programs by creating your own fundraiser on Facebook, and becoming a Autism Awareness Fundraiser.

It’s as easy as A, B, and C
A)    First, log into your Facebook page, find on the upper right of your page the white, downward arrow that clicks your pages dropdown box. In that, you’ll see “Create Fundraiser,” and click on that to bring up the Create a Fundraiser pop-up box, and then click “Get Started.”

B)    On the next box, you’ll be given options on who you’re raising funds for, from which you’ll click the middle option for Nonprofit, which opens a box allowing you to select what nonprofit. In the text box up top, type “Center for Spectrum Services,” which will brings the Spectrum Services fundraising option. Click that, and choose how much you want to raise, and when your fundraiser should end. We suggest the end of April, which is Autism Awareness Month.

C)    That opens the “Tell your story” box, which already has text, but which you can edit to tell your story. Perhaps you’re raising funds in honor of someone you love, or maybe you have a birthday or celebration coming up, and instead of gifts, prefer donations to your fundraiser. Then, your next option is to choose a graphic, and we suggest the Spectrum Services Logo. Then, click “Create” to start your fundraising.

What Next?
Then, share with all your Facebook friends on your page, or if you know friends who might act more with a Facebook message, you can send it to them, too.

How it Works
Each time a friend makes a donation to your fundraiser, the donation goes to Facebook’s Spectrum Services fundraising account, and then transferred to Spectrum Services, where it is then used to support our life-changing programs for children with autism.