Help Us to Expand Worlds!

At Spectrum Services we know about expanding worlds, because we make worlds grow and expand for so many of our children with autism.

When Cayden began preschool at Spectrum Services, he wouldn't interact or play with others, and rarely moved out of the corner of the classroom that was his safe space.

New teachers and playmates gradually joined Cayden in his safe space. Cayden's teachers worked to expand his perimeter of safety by a few inches each day. Those inches became feet, then yards, and then the whole classroom. Today, Cayden's horizons have expanded to envelope the whole school, as he traverses his new, ever-broadening world.

FACT: The Early Intervention program that brought Cayden out of his corner and into the world begins each fiscal year with a $50,000 deficit. Your generous donations fill the gap between local government funding and costs of providing the intensive programming for our youngest and most vulnerable students.

Our students need your support. You can expand the world of a child with autism by donating this holiday season. Any level of donation is appreciated. We know our special students are appreciative, too.

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From our Spectrum Services family to yours, wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and a great New Year!