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Family Ties
Every time our expert staff at Spectrum Services in Kingston or Ellenville touches the life of a child with autism, the number of people affected grows exponentially. The ripples of that child’s success reach parents and grandparents, extended family, friends, and their individual communities. Many Spectrum Services families, and our extended family of community supporters and businesses, understand the importance of sustaining the life-changing work we do, and with good reason; a student they know and love has benefitted from Spectrum Services.

Debbie, Mother to Brenden in our Coral Class
This October, my 4-year old son called me “Mommy” for the first time. I’ll forever remember Brenden after he bumped his chin and started to cry, he hugged my legs and said “mommy” in his own unique way. We looked at each other and my heart melted. How sweet this moment was for me; I cried and held him for what seemed like a lifetime. This reminded me of the challenges Brenden endures daily, and the hours of schooling and therapies he’s given at Spectrum Services that are helping my little guy communicate more every day. Our family is very grateful that Brenden attends Spectrum Services, and that we are a part of such a wonderful support system. We are blessed with amazing teachers and therapists who understand Brenden, and the uniqueness of our family’s needs. This is why my family supports Spectrum Services by helping to raise needed funds to support the school; not just for Brenden and his peers, but for all the children that will enter this world and become another“ piece of the puzzle.”

Kris, Father to Ava in our Bronze Class
Our daughter Ava’s biggest challenge when she first came to Spectrum Services five years ago was her lack of speech intelligibility. It was difficult for anyone not familiar with Ava to understand her. As her dad, I found myself playing interpreter for her in social settings. Thankfully, the extremely talented and patient staff at Spectrum Services worked with Ava on her speech, and how to better handle frustrating situations and challenges that have come up along the way. Like any journey with autism, it is a roller coaster, and Ava must work extremely hard in those areas. Ava woke up last Monday and started singing, “It’s a school day, yay-yay. It’s a school day, yay-yay!” I don’t know many kids who wake up singing about going to school. Spectrum Services does all of this as a non-profit organization. For these reasons, my wife and I believe it is so important to support Spectrum Services. We believe our donations positively impact so many children, their families, and their communities through the amazing services and extremely talented staff at Spectrum Services.

Jackie, Grandmother to Macey in our Violet Class
At the age of 1, my granddaughter was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality and autism. During these early years, therapists came to her home working one-on-one to help with her mobility, strengthening her legs and arms. Non-verbal, Macey remained within her own world listening to music on her iPad and splashing about in the pool—her two great happy pleasures! It wasn’t until Macey was enrolled at Spectrum Services that changes began to occur. Skills as simple as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, eating a meal had previously been a challenge, but not any longer. What is most evident and heart-warming is Macey’s world opening up, and her acknowledging those around her. What a joy it is for Macey’s Nonna and Poppy to receive a momentary ‘hello’ hug. Although Macey remains non-verbal, and her progress is measured in inches rather than miles, the progress we’ve seen brings us some degree of comfort and peace. As grandparents, we believe in the importance of supporting Macey and her schoolmates by donating both financially and through volunteering. We have great hopes for Macey, and can’t thank the staff enough for their unwavering commitment to their students!

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