Artist and Inventor, Ward Fleming installs Pinscreen at Spectrum Services

Local artist, Ward Fleming, invented the Pinscreen, a handheld 3-D image making device for taking impressions of everyday objects while attending the Art Institute of San Francisco in 1976. Initially developed as a hands-on science exhibit for the Exploratorium, the Pinscreen became a popular toy with an estimated 20 million handheld Pinscreens in circulation today.


Fleming is now producing hand-crafted, custom-made Pinscreens using luminescent plastic pins – light enough to allow panels of unprecedented scale. Large versions of Mr. Flemings Pinscreens are in science museums around the world. His new version of the Pinscreen allows impressions to be made and erased from both sides of the panel.

Delighting the visual, tactile and auditory senses, playing with pinscreens has become a favorite activity of many children with autism.  For this reason, Ward has generously installed a beautiful museum quality screen as a loan to Center for Spectrum Services.

Both students and staff alike are delighting in experimenting with the creation of beautiful luminescent impressions.