2014 Ruby Rose Award Winner

Kim DeNitto, Occupational Therapy Assistant Extraordinaire, wins Award of Excellence.

Established in 2005 by Spectrum Services parents Bernardo and Barbara Mongil, the annual Ruby Rose Award is a way for our staff to recognize their coworkers for exceptional job performance. Named for the Mongils’ daughter, the Ruby Rose Award is a special honor. Each year, staff nominates colleagues who have shown unusual skill and commitment.  The award winner is also selected by a committee of Spectrum staff. In addition to this recognition by colleagues and a plaque at school, winners also receive a monetary gift.



This year’s Ruby Rose recipient was Occupational Therapy Assistant, Kim DeNitto. Kim has been working at Spectrum Services since July 2008.  She originally began her work with us as a college intern from the OTA program at Maria College.  At the end of her impressive internship, she was offered a full time position. Her supervisor Laurie Hopkins, head of our Occupational Therapy Department says of Kim “It has been an amazing process to collaborate with Kim. The sparks of joy that Kim brings to her ‘labors of love’ at the Center for Spectrum Services, are felt by all whom she encounters.”


A professional artist and photographer, Kim has also brought her artistic talents to her work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  During her sessions with students, a wide variety of multimedia materials are used and the results delight the visual senses. Kim’s art work has also been selected as a past poster for the Saugerties Garlic Festival and for this year’s Carve for a Cause gala event.  This is a special connection since Carve has selected Center for Spectrum Services as their 2014 fundraising recipient.

As a result of Kim’s ability to inspire, by the example that she naturally sets, others (staff and parents alike) have gone on to pursue careers in Occupational Therapy.  Kim herself has been a supervisor of college interns, who have either joined our department or journeyed elsewhere, carrying the passion that Kim helped to instill in them.

Kim says she “was surprised and honored” to be recognized by her peers. She feels “so fortunate to have found a career that is both “so gratifying and such  a perfect fit” for her interests and talents.