Playgrounds Project: May 16, 2015
Ellenville Playground Build

We can't do this witout your support!

This is it! We're in the final stretch of our Playgrounds Project, an entirely new playground to build for our Ellenville Campus, and some fine-tuning for our Kingston Campus playground. We cannot complete this project without the help of the entire community.

Please help by donating, or volunteering your time to help build the playground at our Ellenville campus.

Help us give the gift of laughter and play to children on the Autism Spectrum. Any level of assistance, volunteering, or donations to our Playground’s Project is deeply appreciated, and we know our special students are appreciative, because we see it in the smiles on their faces as they go down the slide, play on the seesaw, and swing on the climbing bars.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that children with autism are learning, growing, and flourishing because of the playground you helped build?